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about us

Film Lighting Techniques

Our Mission

'Terratone' was founded with the intention of being a production company with the goal of focusing on a holistic approach to how we create and collaborate as a collective. We see story and art as a means to heal and expand the greater good and we aim to tell stories and work with clients that seek the same. 

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Founding Member and key representative  for the Film and Healing Departments. Head of executive operations and Collective leadership; he is also a certified healer and mystical dude. 


  • Film Production​

  • Space Design and Creation

  • Creative Consulting

  • Brand Development

  • Healing Arts / Educations

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Tom Klassen


Our mentor and figure head of the company. A legend in the film industry. Former head of packaging at ICM and talented ghost screenwriter who also helped packe films such as 'Harold and Maude' , 'Bullet' and many more...


  • Creative Consulting

  • Talent consulting

  • Script Consulting and guidance

  • Expert in story

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Founding Member and one of the executive team members of the Collective. An outreach strategist, co- producer, and professional ballet educator.


  • Executive Strategist

  • Ballet Education / Technique

  • Film and Brand Development

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