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Alexandra Jane Safran


Film and Opperations

  • Executive Strategist

    • ​​Alexandra is a very talented strategist, visionary and her background and masters studies in political diplomacy makes her a valuable asset to our consulting team and internal development of the vision and its execution.

    • The result of being groomed from a young age in executive culture protocols and diplomacy has helped ( her and us ) create a very natural and unique approach to working with our artists and clients for their desired success.

  • Ballet Education / Technique

    • As a long time professional ballet dancer, Alexandra is helping develop projects for the film department that are dance focused​.

    • Alexandra specializes in developing students under the Cecchetti training method to all ages at esteemed dance company 'Ballet Florida.'

  • Film and Brand Development

    • Alexandra's love for the film industry as well as experience with multiple creative companies has given her a unique perspective on brand and artist development​.

    • An emerging producer in film, her B.A. in stage producing and directing has helped translate into a classic approach and style to cinema development. 

My Story

 Alexandra Safran was born and raised in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. She began her dance training at age three under the direction of Joan Miller at the Palm Beach Ballet Center. Throughout her time there, Ms. Safran’s training was emphasized on classical ballet technique as well as jazz and modern dance. She also spent several years performing child roles with Miami City Ballet’s The Nutcracker.  Ms. Safran earned her first B.A. in Drama Studies from SUNY Purchase College in White Plains, New York, and made her directorial debut with her production of Anton Chekhov’s A Marriage Proposal in 2008. 


    After returning to Florida, Ms. Safran began teaching at Jupiter Dance Academy and has enjoyed her position as the classical ballet instructor for their Student Academy’s Competition division since 2012. Additionally, she choreographs for solo and ensemble pieces that have won multiple awards in competitions including the Tremaine Dance Convention, and is currently coaching students for the 2024 Youth America Grand Prix season. 


Ms. Safran has been a dancer with Ballet Florida since 2018, and is a classical ballet instructor for their Student Academy division.


In accordance with her passion of lobbying for policy issues (I.e. increasing animal rights and improving healthcare), Ms. Safran received her second B.A. in Political Science from the University of Central Florida in 2021. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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