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Film Making

Riley, Ryder Bodenstab, is a northwest native who discovered his love for acting and filmmaking at Santa Clara University. He packed his bags for Hollywood and started learning as a producer and actor. His real industry experience as a producer began on a short film with D.P. Barry Marcowitz (Crazy Heart and All the Pretty Horses) which starred Ed Asner and Mark Rydell, and then again with the project “The Butcher’s Dozen” which premiered at Cannes film festival. Meanwhile, he was noticed and mentored by industry veterans such as legendary manager Judy Hofflund (first woman agent at CAA) and Steven DeSouza (writer and creator of the Die Hard franchise). He continued to develop the film and talent company 'Credence Entertainment' with long time packaging agent Tom Klassen, which is now “Terratone” Collective.



Ryder went on to establish himself as a working actor best known for his roles on ‘Modern Family,' ‘Justified,' ‘Life in Pieces’ and ‘Days of Our lives.' A classically trained actor but former engineering major, Riley's career began when he portrayed 'Eric Harris' as the main shooter in the ‘Columbine Project.’ The award winning play in Los Angeles is the only project to gain the support from the families of the victims. His performance / eerily realistic portrayal of the teen serial killer garnered him a 'Stage Scene LA Award' and brought public awareness to the untold stories of government suppression of information around mass shooters.



While studying Filmmaking and Directing at Columbia College Hollywood, Ryder discovered and became very intriuged with VR. He integrated VR into his 3D filmmaking studies, and also co-wrote one of the first scripted 360 / VR Test Short films in LA, produced by colleague Dan Clifton, in the early VR days. After working with and helping to push the VR world getting involved in things such as  'VR LA' (the first VR trade show and information / collaborative worshiping around the world of virtual reality) . 

Ryder was heavily inspired by and motivated by films such as James Camerons avatar And Scorcesses "Hugo" but felt the 3d film and maybe VR even , lacked the depth of his true influences like Lars Von Trier, Terrantino, Martin McDonough , and Terrance Malik. He continued to pursue and learn as much as he could and created a film minor in VR and 3D film making for himself at his school for his bachelor's in cinema directing. 


After a few massive life changing events, one of which being navigating the health system due to his mentor and buisness partner tom Klassen having to strokes and a brain anyeurism, as well as Riley's name being stolen by a man who was put in jail using Rileys identity, Riley made a pretty massive transition. After battling for 4 years to recover his name and reputation to no avail with LAPD for not clearing his name, Riley was advised by his lawyer to change his name to Ryder and what to follow was ( in many ways) , his whole life.


Ryder was first introduced to meditation and mindfulness at a young age through ‘Dahn Yoga’ and ‘Tai Chi’ while in high school. Chant and movement were some of the predominate areas that peaked his curiosities of study and practice early on in his adult years, as he pursued a career in film and the arts.


After Tom's recovery Ryder began volunteering and later working at a meditation facility where he went on to  study with a Himalayan monk. During this time is when he initially discovered Yoga Nidra, and the yoga tantras, meditation coaching and ‘Frequency Healing’. He received his Yoga Nidra and Meditation Teacher Certification while working at The Den Meditation Center on top of his deep studies with mentors of different ancient lineages. Since then, he has been helping facilitate meditations, a unique guided healing technique he developeand counseling / “holding space for” trauma healing with various techniques. Ryder Also facilitates sound healings with rare alloy alchemy sound bowls from Nepal. 


Most recently Ryder has worked with a group of MIT, STANFORD, USC GRADS and DOCTORS  developing advanced frequency cellular trauma healing devices for commercial and home use. One of his specialties is working with artists and people in the entertainment industry to advance their lives and careers with these activating modalities.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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