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Projects in Development

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Story and Healing

The primary driving force behind Terratone Films first and foremost is storytelling. Storytelling is a powerful tool that is sometimes taken for granted and unappreciated for its power to craft a narrative (literally) for the viewer. Especially when you synthesize multiple art forms in one; such is the case with film. 

We believe it is not only our mission but our responsibility to do this with complete integrity and to approach stories from the perspective of breaking open peoples minds to new possibilities; to question their current reality in a way that allows them to shift their perspective of what is possible.


Stories and movies can be a form of healing, allowing the viewer to have a cathartic experience through witnessing others in their journey, so we intend to utilize new and cutting edge techniques to help dive deeper into this process via tools such as sound healing, frequency awareness, color recognition, etc.

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VR Filmmaking


Ultimately, we want to have fun and for the viewer to enjoy the process because, after all, wonder and creation are all about being playful and creative. That is why we want to not only enjoy and dabble in the already established traditions of film and genre on a 2d screen, but to also adapt and create in the emerging medium of VR filmmaking, utilizing it as a passive viewing device to watch even larger, immersive experiences in a “home Imax” sort of way , tantalizing all the senses with a 3-Dimensional experience of light and sound. 

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