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A Ballet

"Like you've never seen before"

The story tells of the loss of innocence in the journey into the depths of the human and cultural experiment of "reality" as we perceptually understand it.

How do we find our way back to the magic that is the stem of all creation? 


Beautiful Dream

In Develeopment:

A 'Post-Posterous' Cerebral Film Series

A story that dives into the underbelly of the 'healing arts' and 'music scene'.

Set primarily in los Angeles and the Northwest,  'A Beautiful Dream' takes us on a journey into the many realities and untold stories of some misfit psychonauts.

Click the button to view the trailer in 4K

Experience Energy

VR 180 - YouTube Series

A VR and Meta-verse film series that puts you inside the world of energy, frequency and the vibrational world inside and out.

Experience the world through the eyes of our coaches as they guide your senses and open your perception of what is possible in how you "see" the world 

The Alchemy



In Develeopment:

Documentary series

A story that takes us inside the journey of what is a name and identity. How an Odyssey into the unknown can create and alchemize a whole new reality

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